Jungle Heat guide to Add Unlimited Diamonds, Oil and Gold

Jungle Heat guide to Add Unlimited Diamonds, Oil and Gold

Jungle Heat guide to Add Unlimited Diamonds, Oil and Gold

Jungle Heat guide to Add Unlimited Diamonds, Oil and Gold

This game is developed by My.Com. Basically Jungle Beat is considered as military based competitive strategic game. This game is available free of cost for both Android devices and iOS platforms. Jungle Heat will feel quite familiar to all those people who have played Clash of Clans, Backyard Monsters and Battle Beach.

Jungle Beat consists of several battles between two armies in the jungles. It is an interesting game in which the player has to build an army, defend your base and also has to fight against the enemies. In the game there are four types of structures of the base namely army, defense, resource and decorative. Another important thing to remember is to work hard to create all the items required to build an army such as building defense and production of various possessions to fight with the enemy etc. Learn more over jungle Heat cheats guide to learn about the game

Jungle Beat is a free game and can be downloaded from the Google Play store. It is important to note that Jungle heat needs a continuous internet connection without any interruption. Because if you lose the connection you will remain logged out from the game. For the beginner players, it is necessary to select a username.

The main task of the player is to gather the resources which enable you to defend the jungle base. In order to give your best in the game follow the below given tips:

  • Building a Command Center:

It is essential to protect the command center at any cost. One of the best way to do so is try to put the command center at the middle of the map, preferably surrounded by the other huge number towers, buildings and traps which are created to kill the enemies while they are busy in damaging the other complexes.

  • Singin Frequently:

One of the most important tip is to try singing in frequently during the first few days because it help you to increase the production of buildings and armed forced training. In order to get a most perfect base is to keep upgrading the items and it is worth mentioning that upgrades usually take around about 1 hour. So it is essential to remain active at least during the very first few days of the game playing.

  • Pay Attention to Storehouse:

Next vital tip is to pay much attention to the resource gathering storehouse and towers. These two things play an important role in the game as they will decide that how much of the resources, players are able to load up because it is impossible to have more resources than the storehouse can contain throughout the game.

  • Upgrade Often:

Try to build and upgrade the towers on regular basis. This act will help the players to defend their base in an easy way. It also keep everything smooth and maintain the interest of the players.

  • Make Use of Walls:

It is recommended to use all the walls which the players have in the game because it will help them to protect their base. It is also advisable to start your game at the most uncovered point where you have a least security. Try to surround your base with walls.

  • Send a Minimum Number of Soldiers:

In order to win the battle, it is suggested to send a minimum numbers of the soldiers in the battle field. Because it doesn’t matter that either you win or lose the battle you have to lost every solider at the end of each battle. So don’t waste your soldiers in the beginning.

  • Don’t Spend on Diamonds:

Don’t get so excited while spending a lot diamonds in order to rush the productions. Keep it in mind that upgrades takes more time so it is important to stack up huge number of diamonds.

  • Select the Best Grouping of Troops:

It is recommended to select the Hornet and Gunners grouping of troops if you want to increase the ratings and also want to win the different battles of the game.

  • Select Target Wisely:

It is suggested to select the targets very wisely. Always attack on those enemies which have very minimum number of troops built up. Because if you fight against an overpowering enemies you will definitely lose all the armed forces.

  • Build Worker Hut Unit:

It is important to build a worker hut unit if you want to more workers in the game. Building a worker hut unit will definitely take a time but without having a stable manpower source players will have to work hard to sustain the growth of the territory.

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